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Nicholson, Drew DNicholson at tasc-il.org
Wed Mar 12 05:51:04 PST 1997

> I am curious as to what others think of performing in feast halls.  For
> myself, I try to discourage the practice and will not perform.  The caveat
> to that is incidental music, which I wish we would have more of during
> feasts.  But, frankly, I think it is rude for a performer to want to hold
> up everyone's dinner and socializing time.  [snip]
> It is different if a performance is planned as after-dinner entertainment,
> or as entertainment between courses.  But I say- let people eat in peace.
> Yaakov

This is interesting.  Almost ALL of my performances are at feast.  All of my
performances are to the whole feast hall at the same time.  And I've rarely had
a problem getting people to quiet down and listen to me.  Sometimes they are
more quiet than others, (and sometimes, when I'm really REALLY on, I can't hear
myself sing because the audience is laughing too hard/singing along/cheering)
and I have had to sing through the sounds of feast -- but I've only once had a
problem  with the noise, and I've never been completely ignored.

I've sung in boy-scout feast halls, armories, huge conference rooms, convention
centers and outdoors.  I've only once blown out my voice (when I sang five songs
during one feast at the order of the king), and I usually can fill the hall.

The worst performance I ever had was this:  I had sung a pseudo-country/western
song down in Kentucky (part of the MidRealm) that had gone over amazingly well. 
The next week I went to Wisconsin (also part of the MidRealm) and sang the song
there in a huge, cavernous domed room that deadened everything.  I was, of
course, dissapointed that the audience there didn't pound on the tables or howl
like the one in kentucky, until someone explained to me that in wisconsin,
politely clapping and chuckling is EQUIVALENT to pounding on the tables and
howling in kentucky. :)

I don't think that peforming during feast hold's up anyone's dinner.  They are
welcome to eat while I sing, and I think that most know that (unless they want
to throw the dinner at me...)  And I think that a few songs that quiet the hall
aren't a bad thing.  I don't believe that I've ever disturbed anyone.  

But everyone has their own experiences.  In this instance, mine have been
especially good.  :)

Andrew the Purple
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