minstrel: Performing in Feast Halls

Pendar pendar at unm.edu
Tue Mar 11 23:00:21 PST 1997

> I am curious as to what others think of performing in feast halls.  For
> myself, I try to discourage the practice and will not perform.  The caveat
> to that is incidental music, which I wish we would have more of during
> feasts.  But, frankly, I think it is rude for a performer to want to hold
> up everyone's dinner and socializing time.  (Astridh, do you have acopy of
> my "Response to Ioseph" piece that appeared in Bard's Fire?  I lost mine
> *and* the issue of Bard's Fire when I moved).
> It is different if a performance is planned as after-dinner entertainment,
> or as entertainment between courses.  But I say- let people eat in peace.
> Yaakov
> (a simple man with simple pleasures)
> Harold Feld

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Earlier on this list, a fellow Outlander
begrudged the fact that nobody listened to her at al-Barran Midwinter. I 
am the Kingdom Bard and when the King called me to the head table to 
perform, he yelled to the populace to quiet down so they could hear me.
When he did this, I banged my head against the stage in 
frustration. I KNEW that given the bad acoustics and distraction of food 
and conversation, there was NOW WAY that anyone was going to be able to 
hear me. The whole experience was frustrating for everyone involved...
especially the King. 

However, three times this reign I have attended small feasts in small 
rooms and performed for an attentive and appreciative audience DURING the 
feast! Isn't it odd that people seem more inclined to listen to you when 
they can hear you! :) But in each case, I performed no more than two 
songs over the course of an hour. This seemed to satisfy both me and my 


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