minstrel: aid for baby bards

Pendar pendar at unm.edu
Tue Mar 11 22:24:47 PST 1997

> 	Now, I'll freely admit that I suspected (and suggested, in the
> first message), that what you meant was that you can teach, but you
> can't force anyone to learn.  This is perfectly true, but it isn't
> what you said, and I had problems giving you the benefit of the doubt
> with the other comments in there.

THAT is a much better way of putting it. Thank you. I think that this 
entire "load of crap" could have been avoided by a change in my semantics.

> >process. I can give you the materials and the knowledge, but it is up to 
> >YOU to put it to use. That last line is exactly what I meant by my 
> >statement and not "they'll never be any good anyway." You are jumping 
> >down my throat for something YOU misunderstood. 
> Nah.  I'm jumping down your throat for something you miscommunicated,
> but anyways...

Hehe. :)

> >wrong. Giving them criticism at this time is only going to do make them 
> >think twice before performing again. 
> Already answered this one, but I'll repeat the sentiment -- the trick
> is the approach. Have them improve, even if only a little, before your
> (and their) eyes.  Point out the things that they can't change and
> you'll discourage them, but most neos have more than enough problems
> that can be started on in under half an hour.

Ok, here is another area where my semantics got me into trouble. What you 
are describing is what Tangwystl suggested- Critiqueing. This, to me, is 
different than criticizing. Criticizing implies that you are being 
negative, which is why I said in my original post that Criticism should 
be avoided.

> >I didn't say they couldn't be learned, only that they couldn't be taught.
> Methinks one issue is the definition of teach -- to teach is not to
> force, but to facilitate.

Again, well put.

It's amazing what we can see when we pull our heads out of our butts. :)
(referring to both of us my friend.)


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