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E. Howard-Wroth ercil at astrid.upland.ca.us
Tue Mar 11 14:24:39 PST 1997

>SNIP...   Typically the only thing I hear people say about  becoming better in
> bardic (and all arts, for that matter) is "Criticism - Here is what you are
> doing wrong" and the only way to improve is "Practice".
> SNIP...

The magic `P' word is key to any art.  We all get better with practice.
Constructive and Clear Criticism can point you in a direction to work on.
For instance one of my problems has been staying on key and not climbing 
up and up and up (until I have no voice left) so over the past few years
I have tried to concentrate on this working also on other areas of performance
and repertoire.  The criticism pointed out an area (that is really critical
when singing) for me to work on.  The practice and practice and singing in 
the shower and with tapes etc has paid off.  I have to also say that once
or twice a year I have a friend who helps me vocally for about an hour and
I attend the performance class without fail at every bardic collegium and/or
Collegium Caidis.

Evaluate yourself too.  Listen to yourself on tape (be brave) and practice.
Vocal exercises help if you can learn them (even basic scales).  I won't 
get technical here, I wouldn't want to say incorrect and send you in the
wrong direction.  But I happen to know of at least one person on this
list that can point us in the right direction..........

Oh Finelllllaaaaaaaa...... :)

(always struggling to be a better bard)

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