minstrel: aid for baby bards

E. Howard-Wroth ercil at astrid.upland.ca.us
Tue Mar 11 14:04:37 PST 1997


It is wonderful to know that Starkhafn is
providing this kind of encouragement for the
baby bards in this area of the Kingdom.

If you are really interested in different kinds of
bardic workshops come down to the Bardic Collegium
in Heatherwyne on April 5.  The site is about
15 minutes on the 10 directly off of 215.  

We have 18 classes scheduled and it looks to be a rousing
good time.  I am sure that you can get  lots of good ideas
for your work in Starkhafn from this event.  Many of the
commenters on this list will be there, Thomas Whitehart (True),
Thomas Bordeaux, Ciorstan McAiamdlh, Master Thoron, 
Mistress Finella, and others (there would have to be or 
I'd have many crispy instructors :)  ).

Send me some email or call me (I'm in the CP under Circle of Bards),
I'll tell more and give you some good hotel info.

In Service,

Heatherwyne, Caid

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