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Regarding improving singing:

Voice lessons,  coupled with consistent practice, is the best and surest way
to improve a singing voice,  I think.  To quickly improve a singing
performance though, the  best thing to do is to make absolutely sure that you
know the text very well, and are able to present the meaning of it in a song.
 Even when singing in English, too many performers don't really have a clue
as to what their songs are really about - they haven't taken time to study
the words carefully.    Careful study involves first reading the text many
times, then speaking it, to discover where important word emphasis should
lie,  then speaking it in the musical rhythm, and finally, putting the text
with the tune.  

If the piece is in a foreign language, the first step should be a careful
word by word translation  (a general feeling isn't good enough, unless you
want a general performance),   followed by the steps above.  

This kind of practice will give a performance a deeper level of intensity and
excitement, even if the voice isn't technically perfect!

Now please assist me in getting down off of this soap box!

In well-meaning service,

Mary Sinclair

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