minstrel: Bardic

Monica Cellio mjc at telerama.lm.com
Tue Mar 11 10:33:40 PST 1997

> For singing, short of actually taking voice lessons (which can be pricey)
> the easiest way to improve your voice is actually the simplest.  SING.

Definitely.  Even if it's only for 10 minutes in the shower, sing
*something* (that doesn't strain) every day.

One of the members of one of my music groups insists on a lot of vocal
warmup at the beginning of practice.  It's a frequent point of contention,
as I prefer very little (and don't seem to benefit from the extensive
warmups we do).  I *think* a key difference is that I sing every day and
she sings once or twice a week.  I think what's going on is that my
voice is never entirely "cold".  And it's definitely gotten better over
the years, independent of more direct efforts to improve it.

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