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Tue Mar 11 09:17:02 PST 1997

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, CAB wrote:

> Does anyone else have any other exercises/techniques/ideas of ways to improve
> bardic other than the usual (practice, use a recording device, preform in
> front of an audience, listen to critisim).
> (I myself work on singing and would particularly like to hear ideas on that,
> but I am also interested in ideas for other bardic forms.)
> Thanks
> Crystal Berringer (Ansteorra)

For singing, short of actually taking voice lessons (which can be pricey)
the easiest way to improve your voice is actually the simplest.  SING.
Sing a lot.  Sing in the shower, sing to yourself, sing in the car
(although I've learned that the position the body is in while driving is
not really a good one for singing).  Just using your voice a lot will
(over time) develop it and make it sound smoother, more natural, and will
give you confidence as well.  Granted, there are most likely other methods
and things to do that can imporve your voice.  But this is something you
can do on your own, and in addition to other things.  
(me, me, me, ME......) 

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