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Harold wrote:

If so, do you have specific
exercise you want to run through?  For example, Alexander Yevsha of the
Carolingian Storyteller's Guild suggested an exercise where each teller
receives the barebones outline of a story and each tells it in a persona
appropriate manner.

This seems like an interesting idea.  

I have been in the SCA for many years, and have just recently started doing
bardic.  Typically the only thing I hear people say about  becoming better in
bardic (and all arts, for that matter) is "Criticism - Here is what you are
doing wrong" and the only way to improve is "Practice".

Does anyone else have any other exercises/techniques/ideas of ways to improve
bardic other than the usual (practice, use a recording device, preform in
front of an audience, listen to critisim).

(I myself work on singing and would particularly like to hear ideas on that,
but I am also interested in ideas for other bardic forms.)

Crystal Berringer (Ansteorra)

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