minstrel: thanks to all...

William and Scianna Augustine Peregrine.Ent at worldnet.att.net
Mon Mar 10 20:25:19 PST 1997

Thanks to all of you who have responded so promptly (and, occasionally,
passionately) to my request for advice on conducting a bardic workshop.
I do intend this to be a workshop, where current and potential
performers can WORK on material. I also had considered conducting
separate bardic circles, where the workshop folks could present their
material to an audience. Thanks to your comments, I'll now certainly
institute that.
	The suggestion (from Tangwystil, perhaps?) of having the folks present,
up front, the areas on which they'd like specific help is a great idea.
So is True's idea of having a specific topic or focus for each session.
	I do agree, with Mikal, True, and others, that we can legitimately try
to teach bardic skills. (Whether a "student" chooses to learn...well,
that's up to the student.) Some of us may be more or less gifted with
"divine inspiration" -- but all of us can benefit from the effort of
practice, rehearsal and, occasionally, a few well-chosen words of
critique and encouragement.
	Please, if you have any more words of critique or encouragement for me,
send them on. Again, my thanks and regards to all.


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