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Mon Mar 10 17:15:35 PST 1997

As someone who sometimes teaches classes in storytelling, and fyrewalking
(small, small, classes). I would like to offer the following.  Each class
should have a topic...vocal, instrumental, performance, etiquette, etc. A=
genre is real important (spoken word? Ballads? Etc.)  Ask them what they =
to do.  Give all feedback in terms of (that was good, what did you think?
 You might try........).  Every person should make a positive comment, an=
d if
they want, a suggestion. Bardic ability is a combination of talent and sk=
 In ancient Ireland, everyone who sat around the fire, had a song, a stor=
y, a
riddle.  In fact, people who did not were considered boorish.  Ah, the jo=
of modern television.    Anyway, you can teach bardic skills.  Talent is
where hard work combines with genetics to make brilliance.  When I teach =
classes, I try to combine mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, aspe=
to the class.  Also I try to get the students to work with each other as
well. I have to tell you, as long  you remain open minded and supportive,=
students will blow you away, everytime.   One thing that I feel is vastly
underated in the SCA is fyrewalking.  Nothing like it for developing
confidence in your abilities (if you survive, that is).  I hope that the
Older bards will give advice to the younger....(avoid the Orkneys, stay
upwind, etc.) Anyway, I applaud anyone willing to encourage Baby Bards.
 Don=92t be afraid to offer classes, and more importantly, encourage peop=
le to
take outside classes, toastmasters,voice coaching etc.  Anything worth do=
is worth doing well!  Be careful when lining up the classes, because some
loud brass plated bards (of which,regretably sometimes I number in) can
unintentionally, inimidate, young bards.  Face it, Ego is a nescessary pa=
of the biz. But it has little use in a learning environment.  Bardic circ=
may  not be the best place to develop talents, but it is a good place to
polish your stuff.  It is important to go slowly, as I=92ve seen a lot of=
people turn into powerhouses, and a lot of annoying one-hit wonders, move=
after dominating a class.   Good Luck.  _/;{]} "True" Thomas White Hart

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