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Trischia trischia at eagleut.com
Mon Mar 10 19:09:38 PST 1997

> (I'm not going to quote the previous messages because put together they
> longer than this response is going to be, but for anyone who missed the
> messages and wants to know what this is about: Scianna asked for advice
on organizing a
> bardic workshop. Pendar responded that it should be free of criticism and
> consist of a general discussion group about bardic style followed by a
bardic circle.
> Joshua responded that it should include individual criticism that would
help people
> learn how to improve their performance.)
> I think either of these approches could work, but either could also create
> problems if it is not what people are expecting.>
Agreed - 
Why not do a combination of the two approaches? - 
I participated once in a bardic/workshop where each participant was asked
to specify before they began whether or not they were seeking "constructive
criticism" - If they wanted help, we helped as best we could;  If they
desired only to perform, they were allowed to do so uncriticized.  This
worked quite well for us, although I can't always guarantee that it will,
as a major component of this approach is that all participants hold their
tongues when a performer asks.  If that can be accomplished, this
combination approach can work well for both types of participants,
especially considering that those too self-conscious to ask for suggestions
can still learn from suggestions made to other participants with similar
Just a thought-=

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