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Christopher Fish fish at plains.nodak.edu
Mon Mar 10 14:17:53 PST 1997

I am relativly new to SCA.  And therfore to badic endevors within
the society.  However I have for about half of my short life of 23 years
been involved in several diffent forms of compition both in music and 
poetics.  May I humbly suggestest this as a form of feedback.

view what is being done as a cratique not critisizm constructive or otherwise.
the diffence being this.

when you catique make in clear you are presenting only your opions on what
might be helped to improve.  ( as an opion is more easily accepted than
if you are told what you are doing is in error.  I've found this 
helps to remove the human ego , both of them, from the forum and thus
helps cut down on the possiblility of hurt feelings )

what is IMHO one of the most valuable things you can give to someone
who is learning is and explination of what a piece and it's peformace
invoked in you, as an audiace memeber ( this is a good place for eveyone 
to participate ).

Then the peformer can explain how what they were attempting to communicate
differed from what they accully managed to communicate. ( if there
is no diffence .... well the peformace was close to an extreamly
techneclly pefect level and very advaced issues are the only things left to 
work on :)

at this point the audiance members ( instructer included ) can 
make suggestions as to ( options ) for what might have been done
for them by the peformer to better convey the intended meaning rather
than the meaning that was conveyed.

This of coarse is only one of many techniques, but it is one
that I have found very effective.
and may take it for whatever value it has to you.

Christopher  Fish
aka Augustin Galin
--------------------------May Peace be with you----------------------

" Thank You For Your Time "
Version: 2.6.2


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