minstrel: aid for baby bards

Joshua Kronengold mneme at dorsai.org
Mon Mar 10 12:08:18 PST 1997

Thank you, Heather -- Bou said what I wanted to say, but better, as
well as more politely.  
	I apologize for the flamey content of the previous post
(though not to the original poster, I'm afraid, I still find the
statements that you should "not try to teach, because anyone who can't
learn the bardic arts on their own is never going to be any good anyway"
and "don't give feedback, because all neobards have fragile egos and
will be driven away by the faintest hint that their works aren't the
best, and in any case, it won't do any good, because the bardic arts
can't be taught strongly offensive) to all of the readers of the
Minstrel list who didn't really need to read that.

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