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Can anyone help this lady?

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Subject: Looking for a Song

Good Gentles,
I am Kestrel Windhawk (mka Carol Johnson) of Ravenslake Shire, Midrealm.  I
am trying to find a song about Dayon the Poisoner who assassinated a large
number of the opposing army, then poisoned the king who refused to pay him
for the deed after contracting for it.  The song would be approximately
10-15 years old, give or take (when the SCA still allowed assassinations). 
I ran into a fellow from Atlantia who told me he'd heard the song but
couldn't remember anything else about it and I've been trying to track it
down ever since.  Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated
as I have a personal reason for finding it.

My E-mail address is  

      johnsonca at ul.com

If you've received a copy of this already, please be patient.  I'm using an
E-mail program I'm not too familiar with and it's doing some very odd

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