minstrel: Gulf Wars Bardic

Kathy Lee kal35810 at Jetson.UH.EDU
Sun Mar 9 13:18:35 PST 1997

My Lords and Ladies,

        Following is a copy of a letter that I have sent throughought the
known world.  I posted some information about this bardic circle a few weeks
ago, but this is more detailed.  See you at the war!


My name is Katerina Aretino, and I dwell within the Barony of the Stargate
in the kingdom of Ansteorra.  I am writing this missive to invite you and
your populace to an Interkingdom Bardic Circle at the Gulf Wars.  It will be
held at the castle, near midnight, on Friday night (March 14).

This will be a "pass the candle" circle in which those in attendance will
have the option to perform, pick someone else to perform for them, or pass.
Light refreshments will be provided, as well as ale brewed by Lord Kayleb
Durh of the Barony of Raven's Fort.  There is limited seating, so you may
wish to bring your own chairs.

Those who wish to do so are encouraged to bring largess to bestow upon their
favorite performers.

Please join us at the War as we celebrate the traditions of our many
kingdoms. For more information, or if you wish to help sponsor the circle,
please contact me at the address below.

In service,
H. L. Katerina Aretino (Kat)

KAL35810 at jetson.uh.edu

ps - Gulf Wars is held March 12 - 16, at King's Arrow Ranch in Lumberton
Mississippi.  (Exit #35 - just South of Hattiesburg on I-59)  Feel free to
contact me (before Tuesday) for more details.

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