FW: minstrel: virtual singing lessons?

Stephanie Desideria at msn.com
Fri Mar 7 00:22:49 PST 1997

Following is Constance Fairfax's response to my original posting. FYI, her 
modern background includes 4 years of studying vocal music education during 

Desideria at msn.com

From: 	Katherine Penney
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     Hello Desideria-
     As a self-instructed (well, until I went to college) vocalist, I 
     understand where you are coming from.  If you'd like to send me tapes, 
     I can listen and give advice, if you'd like.
     You seem to have a pretty large "break" area (2-3 steps) which is 
     actually GOOD, because all you have to do is learn to smooth out the 
     rough spot.
     Please stay away from exercises that require you to move stepwise...
     five up, five down, etc...
     The problem:  it is much easier to disguise a break when you are not 
     singing in legato.
     Do you know how to yawn? :)
     That's one of the best voice exercises you can do.  Start out with 
     your throat open, and feel your eyes start to droop, and your head 
     lifts, and your palate lifts, and before you can help it, you're 
     vocalizing.    NOW, take that "yawn" one step further...start higher, 
     and keep the (bomb dropping, slide whistle) sound coming lower and 
     lower and lower.  Try to keep the same voice quality throughout.
     Avoid trying to sing in "head" or "chest" voice. 
      It is that kind of thinking that causes exactly what you are 
     complaining of.  You have ONE voice!!!!
Good gentles, I come to you seeking advice. Between a very sick car, and low 
finances, I've had to abandon singing lessons at this time. I'm still trying 
to fix the worst flaw in my voice, however, and I hope that some of you may 
have suggestions..? Please?
I suffer from a break in mid-range. This falls from the F above middle C to 
the G or A above middle C. On those notes, I can hear myself 'shifting gears' 
to the higher register. Those notes tend to be off as a result. I can hear it 
even when I do scales, though then it's less obvious.
Any suggestions? I realize that I can seek a less-expensive and more local 
singing teacher, but I understand that a poor teacher can REALLY damage a 
voice, so I'm reluctant to take any teacher that isn't recommended by word of 
mouth from a singer I trust.
Please respond privately to save bandwidth.
My thanks for your time and attention,
Desideria at msn.com
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