minstrel: *open* virtual singing lessons?

Stephanie Desideria at msn.com
Tue Mar 4 13:06:42 PST 1997

Good gentles and minstrels....

A few days ago, I requested that advice be sent to me privately regarding a 
break in my voice. The response has been generous! As one person told me he 
wished that the advice received could be made public and discussed on the 
list, I wish to open the discussion to the public forum for anyone interested. 
*How WOULD persons with experience/training/or a history of overcoming the 
problem recommend fixing a break in the voice?*

Aside from the fact that others than I may benefit from this advice, I believe 
it may be beneficial in that at least one person (with impressive credentials) 
recommended exactly the opposite of all the other suggestions!

Anyone who emailed me privately and wants that answer forwarded to the list; 
send a brief note and I'll be happy to do so. Thank you all for your time and 

Desideria at msn.com

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