minstrel: virtual singing lessons?

Stephanie Desideria at msn.com
Sun Mar 2 12:34:32 PST 1997

Good gentles, I come to you seeking advice. Between a very sick car, and low 
finances, I've had to abandon singing lessons at this time. I'm still trying 
to fix the worst flaw in my voice, however, and I hope that some of you may 
have suggestions..? Please?

I suffer from a break in mid-range. This falls from the F above middle C to 
the G or A above middle C. On those notes, I can hear myself 'shifting gears' 
to the higher register. Those notes tend to be off as a result. I can hear it 
even when I do scales, though then it's less obvious. 

Any suggestions? I realize that I can seek a less-expensive and more local 
singing teacher, but I understand that a poor teacher can REALLY damage a 
voice, so I'm reluctant to take any teacher that isn't recommended by word of 
mouth from a singer I trust. 

Please respond privately to save bandwidth.

My thanks for your time and attention,

Desideria at msn.com

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