minstrel: Madam I'm a Darling

Laura McKinstry dalm at why.net
Thu Feb 27 16:51:13 PST 1997

I was JUST listening to a rousing version of this tune by the
Chieftains, and it had never occurred to me that it might be anything
but Irish.  They start it slightly differently  - 

"As I walked out of Belfast City" instead of
"As I walked out of Chester City".

And the version they give has the maid washing verse, then the third
verse is as follows:

Now blue it is a lovely color
until it gets its second dip.
Just like an old man when he goes courtin',
you never know when you'll get your ________ (bit?)

I'd say it sounds decidedly Irish, but the same CD has Roger Daltrey
("The Who") being backed up by the Chieftains, and they make "Behind
Blue Eyes" sound decidedly Irish, which, of course, it is decidedly NOT.
Great bodhran solo, though!

FYI - "The Chieftains - An Irish Evening" and the song is in #13,
Rachamid a Bhean Bheag, which is a jumble of many different things with
a recurring bridge.

That's absolutely all I know.  The rest of my brain is entirely blank.

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