minstrel: Black Birds with Bad Attitudes (was three ravens, twa corbies)

Ben Tucker btuck at minstrel.com
Thu Feb 27 16:10:42 PST 1997

>      Twa Corbies, in my opinion, is a sarcastic Nastyization of 
> 	Three Ravens...a filk gone bad...

Na. Twa Corbies is still too upbeat.  For real sarcasm, you have to go to
the Icelandic version:	Krummi svaf i' Kleeta Gja'

My bad translation of which starts:  (I'm not much of a scholar of
Icelandic, anyone who wants to correct my translation or my orthography is
welcome and appreciated -- the orthography is the best I could do in
whitebread ASCII).

Raven sat in cleft of stone
Cold he was, and all alone 
making moan, making moan

 - - - - - 

Krummi Svaf y Kletta gja'
Kaldri vetrar no'ttu a'		
Verd`ur margt ad` meini		
Verd`ur margt ad` meini

Fyrr enn dagur fagur rann
Fred`id` nefid` dregur hann
Undan sto'rum steini
Undan sto'rum steini

A' se'r krummi yfd`i ste'l
Einnig hryndi goggin vel
Flaug u'r fjalla gjo'tum
Flaug u'r fjalla gjo'tum

Li'tir yfir byggd` og bu'
A' b(ae)um fyrr enn vakna hju'
Veifar v(ae)njum skjo'tum
Veifar v(ae)njum skjo'tum

Sa'lad`ur a' sid`u la'
Saud`ur feitur gard`i hja'
Fyrrum fra'r a' velli
Fyrrum fra'r a' velli

Krunk Krunk nafnar komed` he'r
Krunk Krunk  |>vi' oss buin er
Kra's a' ko"ldu svelli
Kra's a' ko"ldu svelli

The bird is hungry and goes out across the ocean where he finds 
a dead sheep (nafnar) floating in the waves.  He says "come to me little
sheep, why are you out here all alone on the cold swell."  Such a meal!
(Of course, in Icelandic poetry, it's almost a capital crime to actually
speak directly, so it is left to the listener to realize that the foul
smelling-white-fuzzy-thing floating abandoned on the waves is really a
drowned sailor).  Yee-hah, that's optimism for ya!

In Northshield, we call these three the "Black Birds with Bad Attitudes"
songs.  It is vaguely possible to sing all three (using the usual Breton
tune-whose-name-I'm-forgetting-at-the-moment for Twa Corbies)
simultaneously in harmony.  It's quite frightening.  Try it sometime.

So whose coming to Bardic Madness?  Wanna try singing it?  During the
Ensemble challenge at lunch time?

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