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> I have a general queastion: How does one become member of the Millitant
> Society of Bards?
> would be bard, 
> Alesia

Speaking as the Chronicler for the MSoB, about the only "official" (as
official as anything we do) benifit for being an MSoB is a subscription to
our newsletter, the Motley Crew.  It's published quarterly, and costs $2
an issue.  To subscribe through Fall, starting with the Spring issue
(which should be out in mid-March), send a check for $6 made out to
Matthew Newsome.  If you want to order a back issue of the Winter issue
that came out in January, make it $8.  Send it to me at:
Matthew Newsome
1155 Dicks Creek Rd
Whittier NC  28789
It is common for MSoBs to identify themselves by wearing god awful tacky
motley (baldrics, cloaks, hats, etc.) but not all MSoBs do, and certainly
not all motey-wearers are MSoBs.  Other than that, if you want to be an
MSoB you should probably like to perform in some way, but I suspect that
since you even asked the question you already are.  That's about it.
Usually an interest in bardic arts and a willingness to be associated with
this motley group are enough to constitute membership.  We are not a
guild.  We are not a household.  We are just a loose organisation of
people interested in the bardic arts, located mainly (but not exclusively
by any means) in Atlantia.  Let me know if you have any other questions.
Eogan Og Mac Labruinn
Chronicler, MSoB

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