minstrel: tootin his own harn

RBoyd40076 at aol.com RBoyd40076 at aol.com
Sat Feb 22 19:20:20 PST 1997

Hello all,
   I hope you will forgive a moment of self congratulation, but I wanted to
share a bit of good news: on this day, at the Chieftains Tourney here in the
Barony of Three Rivers (St. Louis), I was awarded the Golden Calon Swan for
my work in the bardic arts.

   Truth is, I had been wondering if anyone locally had noticed: guess they
did.   It feels good to get an occasional attaboy, especially as this makes 7
years almost exactly since I received my AOA back in Caid.

   At that rate, I ought to make the Laurel peerage by time I'm 105 or so,
and will no doubt become a triple peer sometime early in the 23rd century.
  But then, in a thousand years, who will remember?

   Gunnar Redbeard (fortified with 13 essential vitamins and minerals)
   RBoyd40076 at aol.com

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