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I will get together the documentation for "Tom 'o Bedlam" (1615 ish) 
next week and post it for everyone...(I'm still blushing about being 
wrong about that...)
Geesh, don't you hate using tertiary sources?
Gregory, I have a broadside contact at the Bodley... I understand that 
there may be significant search fees, as well as the fees for 
copies/microfiche...Do you know anything about these fees?  I'd be happy 
to share what I get...
Gregory, I found a reprint of MS Cotton Vespasian A-25 (drool) edited 
by Peter Seng (I think...)
Gregory, send me your snail mail address, I have a few things to send 
to you.  I also took your "broadside article" (livingston + simpson) 
and added my notes to it, as well as a verse or two from some of the 
broadsides(I'd like to add them all...  I'd also like to add the tunes 
and more notes.  How would you feel about collaborating on this?

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