minstrel: Re: GWW Bardic Events!!!

TrueRhymer at aol.com TrueRhymer at aol.com
Tue Feb 18 14:14:45 PST 1997

I would like to thank all the Bards and Encampments that signed up for the
"Host-A-Bard" and Fyrewalking events.  A great many people had a great time!
 To all the Encampments who did not get as many visit's as they would of
liked during the "Host-a-Bard", many apologies, as finding the encampments at
night proved very difficult, despite having signs with glo-sticks.  Fine
tuning is already going on for next year's events!  Many first time
Fyrecrawlers, got a chance to strut their stuff, many encampments that rarely
got visited before, were inundated by bardic talent, and a great many
"free-lance" Fyrewalkers saw the signs, and jumped into the fun!  My special
thanks go out to Mistress Finella, Lady Astridhr, Sir Charles of Dublin, Lord
Grim Finch, The Black Bard, Peregrine, and so many others.  Also, I might
add, voted the
most "Hospitable Encampment at GWW 1" House RavenSpur!  (20 encampments
signed up, and after word got out, people started building their own
"Host-A-Bard Signs"!!!)  With Many thanks, I look forward to GWW2!!!!!!
 Sincerely, (True) Thomas White Hart

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