minstrel: Bristol Renaissance Faire(Wi) Auditions

AlexdeSet at aol.com AlexdeSet at aol.com
Wed Feb 12 11:23:49 PST 1997

Bristol(Wi) Renaissance Faire will hold auditions on 8/9 March at the College
of Lake County,Grayslake,Il.We are looking for musicians of all
kinds,especially brass players.There is room for individuals and groups.The
Guilde of St.George (Queen's Court) is looking for musicians to play for
court dances,madrigals,and other period music.Call the Faire office at
847-395-7773 for audition reservations,etc.If you are specifically interested
in the Guilde of St.George,call me at 815-477-4636.
The faire is located just inside the Wi boarder with Il off I-94 and runs
from the last weekend in June for 9 weekends;rehursals are the five Sundays
before opening.
Is mise le meas,
John Seaton,Guildemaster,Guilde of St.George(Bristol)
(known at Faire as the Earl of Sussex)
(known in the Society as Alexander de Seton of Altavia)
P.S.Did I mention that musician's pay is negotiable?

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