minstrel: Re: Tom O'Bedlam

Brett and Karen Williams brettwi at ix.netcom.com
Tue Feb 11 20:55:58 PST 1997

Dick Eney wrote:
> > ciorstan
> > (an admitted SS/FP addict, who has all of the out of print black vinyl
> > albums, reprinted CDs and even has the second live one which has a
> > killer version of Tam Lin nothing like the one on Fairport Convention's
> > "Liege and Leaf"...)
> Which version, the one with the abortion attempt or the one with the
> repeated "do it for your child" instructions?  (I just typed both of them
> onto disc from my ancient notes.)
> =Tamar

Both have the abortion attempt: wildly different tune and verses,
though. There's also  an old tape from Holly Tannen called Between the
Worlds (with "My Heretic Heart" on it) that has yet another Tam Lin
version. I would say stylistically speaking the Holly Tannen version
(again with the abortion attempt), all ten a capella minutes long, is
more the classic folkie style than either Fairport or Steeleye Span. 
Dramatically speaking, the best performance is SS. IMHO.


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