minstrel: Re: Tom O'Bedlam

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Feb 11 10:04:29 PST 1997

     In regards to the Tom O'Bedlam question, I found this information 
in the London Pro Musica Edition: Playford Dances Volume 1: 68 Dances by 
Bernard Thomas. In the notes on the tunes he states:

15. Mad Tom, or Gray's Inn Mask 
     This tune was known variously as "Mad Tom of Bedlam" and "The man 
in the Moon". With its frequent changes of meter, it obviously must have 
been an antimasque dance, probably composed for Beaumont's *The Masque 
of the Inner Temple or Gray's Inn* (1613).

Another path to trace?


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