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Brett and Karen Williams brettwi at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 10 19:23:34 PST 1997

Mistress Tamar (Dick Eney's account) wrote:
> The tune I have (and the information that it came from Tom Gilfellon's
> performance) is from the Dark Ships In The Forest LP by John Roberts and
> Tony Barrand.  I am unfamiliar with the Steeleye Span tune; what album is
> it on?  (I haven't got the one in Pills to Purge Melancholy, either;
> is there a book I could look for to get it?)

Steeleye Span's performance is on "Please to See the King", an early one
with Martin Carthy doing the male lead vocals. They reprise "The
Blacksmith" from their first album, "Hark The Village Wait".  Both are
presently in print, in CD (and probably tape, too) from Shanachie

(an admitted SS/FP addict, who has all of the out of print black vinyl
albums, reprinted CDs and even has the second live one which has a
killer version of Tam Lin nothing like the one on Fairport Convention's
"Liege and Leaf"...)

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