minstrel: Re:Tom O'Bedlam

Bill Hodghead billho at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 10 11:00:24 PST 1997

There are two different period (pre-1600) songs that go by a name like
Tom O'Bedlam. They are both mentioned in various sources of the time (I
don't have my docs at work to quote them, sorry). 

However, I've been unable to find any words earlier then the filks
printed in Le Prince de Amor (1666). Several of the filks are to the
Bedlam Boys song we know better, the other is to the second (quite
different) tune. I've been unable to find any printed tune before the on
in Pills to Purge Melancholy (1717 or so). This tune is similar to the
one sung today in around here in the SCA although the actual source of
the tune we sing is from an album by Steeleye Span. Most people 
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