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Dick Eney dickeney at access.digex.net
Wed Feb 5 17:01:23 PST 1997

Darvilla von Schatten was telling a serial story -- the tale of Prince
Ivan and Maria Marinova -- at the Revel after Atlantia University, and all
of us wanted it to reach a happy ending, even though Ivan, though valiant
and princely, was otnay ootay ightb ray.  Well, Darvilla fiendishly broke
her story into installments to give others a chance to perform too, and to
set a good example of reaching a happy ending I decided to do one for the
most ose song I know, "The Twa Corbies".  That might seem a little d
ifficult, since "The Twa Corbies" begins with the hero already dead, but
of course all that means is that I had to give it what the _Scots_ would
regards as a happy ending... 

     As I was walking all alane
     I heard twa corbies making mane
     The ane unto the ither say-o
     Whar did we get this feast today-o
     Whar did we get this feast today?

     Down ahind yon auld fail'd dike
     Ye ken there lies a new-slain knight
     His slayer never feared the law-o
     But his hawk and his hound and his lady saw-o
     His hawk and his hound and his lady saw!

     The hawk has spied him o'er the plain
     The hound his bonny steed has slain
     The lady never stopped nor stayed-o
     Till his red heart's blood ran down her blade-o
     His red heart's blood ran down her blade.

     And whiles they go to mourn their knight
     This goodly feast for us is dight,
     Another knave who learned to rue-o
     That vengeance is a lover's due-o
     Vengeance is a lover's due!

One of a series...I may name the whole set "Child Ballads as they would
have been if some of our SCAdian ladies had been the heroines"...

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