minstrel: Triad challenge revisited

Baker, Mike mbaker at rapp.com
Tue Feb 4 11:23:00 PST 1997

The "double triad" challenge receives a response:

> Since a few of us wrote in responding to Mikal the Ram's challenge,  I
> thought it would be interesting to offer one of my own.   How about a
> "double triad,"  using  not only the form of the triad, but based on 
> triads, as well. ... CEG, DFA,  EGB,  FAC,  GBD,  ACE or  BDF

The desirable aspects of a face
     Fairness of visage before
     Acumen of thought behind
     Charity of purpose beyond
          and also
     Equanimity of spirit, if need there be for a fourth aspect, or a single 

(Note: although the "triads" typically listed three examples, it was 
sometimes popular or extremely important to provide a fourth exemplar. It is 
my understanding that this was particularly the case where there was 
perceived to be a paramount example truly without compare, a veritable "non 
pareil". And, for this exercise, the practice has allowed me a bit of extra 

Kihe Blackeagle (the Dreamsinger Bard)  s.k.a. Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri 
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