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> Do you have any specific dating for this song.  Some time ago I posted the
> lyrics to a song called "Willie Archer" to this list, looking for help in
> dating it.  

Most ballads of this nature can't be specifically dated any earlier than 
the 18th century, and this version may be even later than that. 

> I never found out anything specific, and what suggestions I
> got tended to contradict eachother.  It is a very similar song to
> Reynardine.  Although the lyrics are different, I beleive it is related.
> A young man spies a fair maid near some mountains.  He woos her.  She
> falls into his arms, and {censored for the virgin eyes of this list}.
> Then she finds out she is pregnant and asks the man for his name so she
> may give it to the baby.  He replies that his name is Willie Archer, but
> he can't marry her now, because he is bound into apprenticeship.  The last
> verse is a warning to other young maids to beware Willie Archer.  If you
> like I can repost the lyrics.

The theme of the rake and the naive maiden is pretty common in English 
ballads. I remember Andy M. Stewart quipping once at a Silly Wizard 
concert that most old ballads end up cautioning young girls to be very 
careful, and that when you came right down to it, they just shouldn't go 
outside for any reason at all!


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