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Mon Feb 3 07:58:03 PST 1997

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Gwenzilla wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Elaine Rien forwarded someone else's request:
> > >Does anyone have the lyrics to a song called "Reynardine"? A musician friend
> > >of mine sung it once and called it a "song of seduction". I don't know where
> > >I could find the lyrics for it.
> Here are the lyrics I know to "Reynardine," although ballads of this 
> nature seem to have lives of their own and several versions are probably 
> about. 
[lyrics cut]

Do you have any specific dating for this song.  Some time ago I posted the
lyrics to a song called "Willie Archer" to this list, looking for help in
dating it.  I never found out anything specific, and what suggestions I
got tended to contradict eachother.  It is a very similar song to
Reynardine.  Although the lyrics are different, I beleive it is related.
A young man spies a fair maid near some mountains.  He woos her.  She
falls into his arms, and {censored for the virgin eyes of this list}.
Then she finds out she is pregnant and asks the man for his name so she
may give it to the baby.  He replies that his name is Willie Archer, but
he can't marry her now, because he is bound into apprenticeship.  The last
verse is a warning to other young maids to beware Willie Archer.  If you
like I can repost the lyrics.

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