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Sat Feb 1 09:02:31 PST 1997

Unto Michael vanBergen, Greetings, M' lord

   I noted the posting on Minstrelnet which states that you are looking for
bardic about archery.   It happens I wrote a piece some years ago, which,
while not actually a song, might amuse you:

The Arrow

Gunnar Redbeard

I shot an arrow into the air to the longbows mighty sound
and sent it forth on wings of care; twas the final, vital round.
Swift and sure I drew the bow!   How steady was my eye!
I drew and loosed in fluid flow and let the sucker fly!
It soared aloft majestically with angels chorus in its wain!
Its flight was wondrous fair to see as sunlight glistened on its vanes!
Then down it came like Joven wrath; its drama all the heart can give;
its arc a true, unfailing path; a hyperbole superlative!
And now it closes on its goal!   It wobbles- steadies- touch!
The flight is end.   The mark is met-  
                           -and missed.   By.   That.   Bloody.   Much.

Copyright R. A. Boyd 1990
If you want to use this in an SCA publication, please feel free to do so.   I
ask only that the author be credited.

Gunnar Redbeard (Pi are round: cornbread are square!)
RBoyd40076 at aol.com

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