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Fri Jan 31 11:56:29 PST 1997

>I am collecting any archery based songs. "Fruit of the Yew"  is already
>known to me. For starters, I would like the best liked ones first, if
>possible. Anyone got any?

This is one I wrote myself -- it seems to go over rather well.  If you like it,
e-mail me privately with your phone number; I'll call you and sing the tune so
you can record it if you like (purple aint got no tape out yet...)
All Well In Hand
lyrics & melody by Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple
c 1996 Drew Nicholson

When I was a stripling lad, in Sherwood Forest,
killed deer with a bow that was taller than me.
At twelve I was squired to Sir Robin of  Locksley,
when we finally reached Palestine I was taller than he.

We fought off the Sarecens, Robin and I, and we rescued the king from their
But when Robin was captured, the king wept for days...
And I fancied I heard Robin's cries.

chorus:	well, I hunted with Robin and I fought for the king!
	Oh, the tales my old bones would tell if they could sing,
	and I loved to see Richard lean back in his chair and say, 
	"Robin has all well in hand..."

We stayed in Promised land far from Sherwood Forest,
killing around us with nary a tear.
One day came the word that we'd awaited for ages --
Of Robin in England did we joyfully hear.

I then turned to Richard, a'ready to leave, but he told me to make camp right
"Good Robin will keep England quite safe for me,
"and my enemies had best beware!"


Then came the message from old Sherwood Forest,
that Prince John was grinding the folk to the ground.
But Richard refused to leave, not even bothered.
"With Robin to chase him, he'll never be found.

"John has dug his grave and Nottingham's too, with Marion locked a cell,
"Robin will free her as I live and breathe --
"Maid Marion will be quite well."


I finally came back to my dear Sherwood Forest,
beside good King Richard we hit London town.
Found Robin and Marion with children already,
and soldiers a'plenty to hunt Prince John down.

"Nottingham's dead and your kingdom is sound," Robin remarked with a smile.
"I told you," said Richard, "that England was fine,"
"In good Robin Hood's hands all the while!"


Well Robin died yesterday, near Sherwood Forest,
in the trees is an arrow that marks where he lies.
But England is safe from all those who would harm her
and the forest now echoes with children's clear cries.

The king said to me, "Oh, my friend, don't you cry!  Instead you should be very
"For though Robin's not with us, he's heaven bound now, 
"and I'm sure he'll have all well in hand."

I know that it's not specifically about archery, but Robin Hood _is_ the #1
archer in period, at least based on legend.  Hope this is helpful!


"This is Camelot!  Well... Camelot without the two bad songs at the top of the
second act."
                                              Paul Buckman
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