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On Fri, 31 Jan 1997 umwhit46 at cc.UManitoba.CA wrote:
> Greetings, all.  Can any of you help Michael?  
> Sian verch Gruffydd
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> On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, mvb2 at juno.com (michael d hornbaker) wrote:
> >I am collecting any archery based songs. "Fruit of the Yew"  is already
> >known to me. For starters, I would like the best liked ones first, if
> >possible. Anyone got any?

I can try.  Here is one of my favourite old Ballads, and it just happens
to be about a young archer, hunting in the Greenwood, no less.  Sorry that
I can't transcribe the music via email, but you might find the tune in a
good book of Child ballads with music, and Ed Miller sings it on his CD
_Scottish Voice_.  And if you live around Atlantia you can always corner
me and ask me to sing it.  I love this one.


Jock rose up on a May morning
He called for water tae wash his hands
He says "Gae loose tae me my twa grey hounds
That lie in iron bands...
That lie in iron bands..."
	(repeat the last line of each verse)

Then doon and come his auld mother
Her face was pale and wan
Sayin' "Johnny, for my benison
Tae the Greenwood dinna gang..."

"For ye hae enough o' the guid white breid
And enough o' the blood red wine
So Johnny for yer venison
Tae the Greenwood dinna gang..."

Ah, but he's taen doo his guid bent bow
And his arrows one by one
Aye and he's awa tae the Greenwood gaen
Tae ding the dun deer doon...

An' they ate sae much o' the venison
And they drank sae much o' the blood
That Johnny and his twa grey hounds
They lay sleepin' as they were deid...

And by there came a silly poor man
And an ill death may he die
For he's awa tae the King's forresters
Tae tell what he did see...

He says "As I came in by Moneymusk
An' doon amang yon scroggs
Aye, it's there I saw the bonniest youth
Lyin' sleepin' atween twa dogs..."

Then up and spoke the first forrester
And he was leader o' them aa
He says "If that be Jock o' Braideslee
It's ontae him we'll draw..."

And teh very first shot that the forresters fired
It hit Johnny in the knee
And the very next shot that the forresters fired
His heart's blood blint his ee...

So he's lent his back against a tree
And his foot upon a stane
Aye and he is fired at the King's forresters
And he's killed them aa but ane...

And he's broken four o' that yin's ribs
And his arm and his collarbane
An' he's set him on his auld grey horse
The tidings tae carry hame...

Noo Johnny's guid bent bow is brak'
An' his twa grey hounds are slain
And his body lies in the Greenwood there
And his huntin' days are done...
Oh, his huntin' days are done...

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