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umwhit46 at cc.UManitoba.CA umwhit46 at cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Jan 30 23:24:02 PST 1997

Greetings, all.  Can any of you help Michael?  This message was sent out on 
the archery list and I forward it, with permission, to this more appropriate 
venue.  The only archery based song I knew of was one I wrote myself, 
honouring three members of the Order of the Greenwood Company ("Who Comes to 
the Greenwood?"), but there must be more out there.  I'm relatively new to 
this, so come forth, experience, and aid this petitioner.  Michael is not on 
the minstrel list, but his e-mail is listed below.

Sian verch Gruffydd

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On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, mvb2 at juno.com (michael d hornbaker) wrote:
>I am collecting any archery based songs. "Fruit of the Yew"  is already
>known to me. For starters, I would like the best liked ones first, if
>possible. Anyone got any?

>One song wanted,  though not archery based, is titled something like
>"Going to a play or something?"

>Michael vanBergen, Calontir
>mvb2 at juno.com 

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