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> Sestinas.  Sestinas were originated by Troubadours in 12th (or so) century
> France. >>

Is there, per chance, any known music for this particular form? It's
always handy to be able to sing poetry. I notice that you're composing
lines which are of different length than the Provencal, but the music
could presumably be adapted.

Gregory Blount>>

As I told Gregory privately (the digest version takes much longer to get to me
than the message by message version), I have heard of people singing sestinas. 
I have even heard of people improvising their sestinas while singing(!).  If
anyone wants to set my sestina to music, by all means, please do so.  I'd like
to know how it comes out tho.

So.  I propose that if anyone else takes up my challenge, that they write on
love.  Go to the dictionary and pick out your words. :)

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