minstrel: A Little Light Verse for Your Amusement

Ben Tucker btuck at minstrel.com
Thu Jan 30 05:33:23 PST 1997

I just ran across this little piece in my scrapbook, 
hope you enjoy it.  -- Owen

 - - - -
A kenning, for the amusement of Their Excellencies Geoffrey and Anne,
Baron and Baroness Nordskogen, on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of
the Founding of their Canton of Nordleigh, on the subject of "light": 

A Kenning

How can one speak in simple words 
of this illusive thing? Like birds 
or butterflies that flutter round
Are all the meanings of this sound.

It shows us who we are -- what place 
We live in, and our lover's face.
By it we work, and sing, and play
To find our path, it shows the way.

It can mock us, or make us laugh,
Belittle things too stern by half,
Or lift our cries to ancient gods
When naught else works to change the odds.

In Winter's deep and drifting snow
We keep it close when cold winds blow,
But when in Summer's fields we've played
We curse its warmth and seek the shade.

Before the first night's darkness came,
Some believe that this thing we name
Was named, and Was. The first of all
that ever entered in this hall.

It can symbolize greed, or war,
Hatred or envy, and what's more:
Death, destruction -- or hope and peace,
Joy, or love that will never cease. 

At times it comes forth from within
In those who strive and can not win
Yet, knowing what they do is right
Remain true in the cause they fight.

The most precious and greatest prize
Is when it comes forth from the eyes
Of he or she we hold most dear,
For nothing then is left to fear.

Thus ends my poem, I am done.
Please take my jesting in good fun.
I pray, good gentles, do not rue
This "light verse" that I've made for you

*  The word Kenning has its root in the Anglo-Saxon "Kennaz" or torch.
A "kenning" is a "way of seeing things." Kennings are much like riddles,
except that the point of a kenning is that everyone knows what means. I
hope that this sheds some light on the title.

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