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Well, I was going to post this anyway, but Mikal's "silence" post 
has started a thing on triads and so I thought I'd post something I came
up with recently. (If there are any critiques, please e-mail me privately to
save bandwidth -- I promise I won't bite.)

  The inspiration for the song was the chorus, which was the theme/
framework of a fantasy book which I recently read. Only the chorus
is given in the book, and I was inspired to write verses for it 
constrained by the statement that it was a song about a soldier and his

  Two things came up at the Mists Bardic Workshop last night.
  1) The chorus looks _awfully_ familiar. Anybody have any idea where
Barnes might have gotten it from?
  2) What's the tune?

  Have fun.  As usual with anything I post here, if you feel like performing 
it, go right ahead. If you feel like making money off it, I want my share.

One for the Morning Glory
     Chorus by John Barnes
     Words by Flieg Hollander

Oh, it's one for the morning glory
And two for the early dew,
Three for the man who will stand his ground
And four for the love of you.

When I was a lad of twelve and worked my father's field
I plowed and sowed and harvested all that the land might yield
But in that time from dawn to dusk since ever I was born
I never saw any finer sight than the glory of the morn.


I was fourteen when I saw you, in town on harvest day
You were young and beautiful, my heart just flew away
I courted you in morning and in the noontime too,
And we held each other in our arms, all in the early dew.


Invaders came into our land to take what we did own
And many died defending their cottage or their town
But me and my companions stood and killed them all around
For none there are who can withstand men who stand their ground.


The war went on for three long years and finally we won
Our captains kept on telling us that we must all go on
But all that kept me going through all we had to do 
Was longing for your tender touch and for the love of you.


And now that we have married, and have sons of our own
I plow my fields and harvest them as the years pass on
And each time that I get a chance, I rest my gaze on you 
And know that all I have is mine because of love of you.


Chorus by John Barnes from the book _One for the Morning Glory_
 c. 1996 by John Barnes, published by Tor Books
All other words by F. Hollander c. 1997

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