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Baker, Mike mbaker at rapp.com
Wed Jan 29 07:36:00 PST 1997

>> [Mikal]     Just to get some kind of activity going here, May I suggest a
>> challenge?  Who would match lines with me?
>>   I like to let the challenged bard pick the subject mater, but I am
>> willing to take a little leeway in the game if someone cannot bear to 
>> the first salvo...
> [Owen]  How about Welsh Triads at ten paces?
> Write a triad in the form of the Welsh triads, on any medieval or SCA
> topic. Anyone who wishe to open a parallel discussion of what makes a
> "good triad" in terms of period welsh poetics is welcome to do so.
> The three pillars of bardcraft:
>    Respect of the Art
>    Respect of the Audience
>    Respect of the Crown

The three cautions of "the Crown"
     To be vigilant
     To be temperate
     To be open-handed

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
     currently residing in Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Mike C. Baker                      KiheBard at aol.com
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