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J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
Tue Jan 28 21:46:56 PST 1997


On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Ben Tucker wrote:

> How about Welsh Triads at ten paces?
> Write a triad in the form of the Welsh triads, on any medieval or SCA
> topic. Anyone who wishe to open a parallel discussion of what makes a
> "good triad" in terms of period welsh poetics is welcome to do so.
> Here's one I wrote some time back.
> The three pillars of bardcraft:
> 	Respect of the Art
> 	Respect of the Audience
> 	Respect of the Crown
> Owen Alun, Minstrel (also known as "A Loon")	btuck at minstrel.com

	Welsh Triad?  And here Ithought that was a forbidden act in most
southern states!  Shows how little we Norsemen know.
	Seems simple enough, If I may try...(here, hold this horn will
you, mind the port, it bites!)

	The strength of a good ship;
		The beat of the oars
		The beat of the sword arm
		the beat of the saga

	Oh, and we raid in Wales this week.  Where is that horn....What!
Oh well, I've more where that came from.
	Mikal Hrafspa
    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
__________________________(jshewkc at pei.edu)________________________________
Long have I wandered    the wind now my poet
          Without companion or friend
You speak of your teachings     The priests have so taught
          To scorn the tales of past valor
If this is the cost      and coin of the trade
          How can one profit or gain?

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