minstrel: Triads

mary k cummings mkcummin at unm.edu
Tue Jan 28 21:34:36 PST 1997

I suppose a Welsh triad begins then with the same word in each line?  
Then, is there a rhythm scheme that you follow for the rest of the 
lines?  I didn't see one, but might be as tired as I feel. 

What about concepts?  Can you use the same concept in the opening of the 
lines?  Rather than the same word?  Or...  Would it be appropriate to 
weave in double meanings into the opening three?  Use entrance and 
entrance, for example?  They are the same spelling, but one means an 
opening used to get from the outside to the inside and the other means to 
mystify, and delight.  Um... Let's see...

Nope, the brain shut down and it's time for bed.  Night all.


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