minstrel: So ben mi c'ha questions

Laura McKinstry dalm at why.net
Sat Jan 25 13:55:36 PST 1997


I've just been poring over manuscript facsimiles and translations, and
caem across the words for "So ben mi c'ha bon tempo" in the Bottegari
Lute Book.  Does someone have a transation for this, or can I get
assistance in pronunciation?  The words (minus "fa la las") are as
follows (capital letters are where accent marks(?) occur in the

	so be mi ch'a bon tempo
	al so ma basta mO

	so be ch'E favorito
	ahime, no posso dir

	o s'io potessi dire
	chi va chi vien, chi sta

	la ti darA martello
	per farti disperar

	saluti e baciamani
	son tutti indarno a fe

And those interested in the melody can find a MIDI clip here, under
VECCHI, Orazio (1550-1605):


Thanks for any help anyone might be able to give.

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