minstrel: I'm A Duke - And Your Not

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Jan 22 14:24:38 PST 1997

> I've been working on this for the last day or so, thinking about it
> for the last couple of years.  I guess my tolerance for some kinds
> of arrogance has dropped to next to nothing.  So for all the members
> of a particular order of peerage who have ever been pigs in my
> presence, here it is.

You'd think he had had a little dukely trouble, now wouldn't you?

I certainly understand the wellspring from which this font flows.  I 
hear stories of the most unchivalric behaviours....But, I also hear 
from others that they're not _all_ bad, or that way.  Just like 
anywhere else, there's some good 'uns and some bad 'uns.

Here's hoping for you to run into a few of the good 'uns before your 
next trip to the badlands of the peerage.

In Service To The Dreamers,

Eoin DubhSpirag
Clan DubhSpirag
College of St. Michael and All Angels (Proto-Incipient)
The Midrealm

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