minstrel: I'm A Duke - And Your Not

JP Andrews jpathomas at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 22 08:57:46 PST 1997

I've been working on this for the last day or so, thinking about if for 
the last couple of years.  I guess my tolerance for some kinds of 
arrogance has droped to next to nothing.  So for all the members of a 
particular order of peerage who have ever been pigs in my preasence, here 
it is.

I'm A Duke - And You're Not
Words and Music by Lord Thomas Bordeaux

I've heard some people talkin'
Bout the high road I've been walkin',
Well, it's really more about 
The things that I can't live without.
I've got the finest clothes they're makin',
And the greatest care I've taken
Not to dress like those below me,
Yeah, you who used to know me
Won't believe the things I've got--
'Cause I'm a duke, and you're not.

I'm a duke and you're not,
I can throw those options shots,
I love the sound of ringing metal,
Hey, there's one more for the kettle,
Yeah, I'm a duke and you're not,
Come and get it while it's hot,
Just set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down,
Pound those guys into the ground,
I'm here to show you what I've got--
'Cause I'm a duke, and you're not.

When it comes to heavy fightin'
There's some things I really like,
First there's the fact that I'm the winner,
I never have to buy my dinner.
It doesn't matter what I'm sayin',
It's my word they'll be obeyin',
('Sides most people are just weinies
All my Queens wear string bikinies!)
I am really hot to trot--
'Cause I'm a duke, and you're not.


Those other peers they think they
Know a little 'bout the kingdom,
And the way that things should be,
Yeah, but if they did, they'd see
That it's the fighting men that matter,
And the world would surely shatter
If I didn't play the game,
Things would never be the same,
And that's why I'm at the top--
'Cause I'm a duke, and you're not.


I've heard that somewhere out there
There's some guy that likes to sing and likes 
To tell his little stories,
And oh wait, there's even more--he's
Got a little tune he's singin',
'Bout some fighters that he's zingin',
And some say that one's about me,
But I won't give them cause to doubt me,
There's no reason to get hot--
'Cause I'm a duke, and he's not.

I'm a duke and he's not,
He can't block my option shots, 
He doesn't even have a Crescent,
On the field, he isn't present.
I'm a duke and he's not,
And all that he can do is natter,
He can have his chitter-chatter.
Of the things that really matter
He's a little, I'm a lot--
'Cause I'm a duke, and he's not.

Try and hear it with a country/bluegrass rythem.  It's a three chord 
song, C, F, and G, (capo 2nd fret) most guitarest should be able to pick 
it out pretty quick.  Feel free to have fun with it, make up your own 
music if you like.

Comments, flames and e-mail bombs should be sent to me.

JP Andrews
(Lord Thomas Bordeaux)
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