minstrel: Article on Broadside Ballad music released

Greg Lindahl lindahl at rt.com
Tue Jan 21 13:38:16 PST 1997

As part of a project on pre-1600 ballads, I have been working on
article on the music of the Broadside Ballad. I have released this
article in an incomplete form. It contains details about 77 tunes
written down and used in a broadside ballad before 1600, or written
down before 1600 and subsequently used in a broadside ballad, or
strongly mentioned in a broadside ballad before 1600 but not written
down until soon after. I was using a broad definition, so to speak.
The reason for the weird definition is that almost all broadside
ballads were printed without music.

Anyway, I have facsimiles for 12 of the tunes, a few others are easily
obtainable (Playford, Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Morley, etc.), so I
hope this article will still prove useful despite not having modern
notation and MIDI for all the tunes. I have scanned or transcribed a
large set of broadside ballad words as well.

The article may be found at:


Or I can mail copies for those without web access (although I'll have
to stick a bunch of files together to get the words, references, etc
all together.) Or you can ftp most of it by looking in:


If you find this useful, please let me know.

Gregory Blount

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