minstrel: Cultural Transmigration (was The Coming of Spring)

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Fri Jan 17 10:22:56 PST 1997

Guiness?  Why it's my mother's tongue! Weaned on it in me' cradle I wuz.  Be
warned, Start wi Guiness,and then it'll be the Uisge Beatha....the water of
life.  As we say around here, "there is no such thing as a large glass o'
whiskey"  No, Mikal, I knew full well that Sedulius did not write the "Deer's
Cry", and that it originated from different sources...I think they mention
that in the Carmina Gaedelica, I'll have to check.  But from my research, the
root charm, can be affixed as a type that goes way back.   Hence my original
statement stands.  You know as well as I, there are damned few full
manuscripts, and most of our stuff today is cobbled together from a variety
of manuscripts and glosses.  And this practice probably started with the
first copying of books.   As to Censorship, Patrick himself is said to have
destroyed 20
druid tomes.   But can the sacking and burning of monasteries count as
Maybe that's what the early Celts called the dragon boats..".Aiiieee!!
 Censor Ships on the horizon!!" "Yompin Yiminy,we for sure stop them from
plagarizing our great skalds"  "PUBLISH AND PERISH!!!"
 Valkryies as wolves...cool.  Didn't Wotan have a pair of wolves?  The Celt's
had wolf hounds...Bran and Sceolan come to mind...(of course they were shape
changed Celts...Naturally..!)  And by the way, the Celts saw their beserkers
on a regular basis too.  Ever hear of a "Black Irish Rage?"   The Celt's were
known for going into battle, insane, naked, singing, dancing, howling.  (Come
to think of it,  Can we equip the SCA with Boffers, and recreate this?  We'll
get some teething shields for your guy's.)
If you can, send me what you have on Wayland.  True
(Bard..Skald..whatever,get the hell out of  the chip-dip) Thomas

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