minstrel: Cultural Transmigration (was The Coming of Spring)

Rockall Herald/Auntie Jen elp003 at bangor.ac.uk
Fri Jan 17 04:12:04 PST 1997

Have you read *hero with a Thousand Faces* (pause--is that with an of? I 
forget offhand) by Joseph Campbell?  If not, you should do.  Lots of 
fun.  Also David Leeming's stuff.  (By the by, the plural of mythos is 
In service,

"Gwell egawr na chynnwys"   *   "It is better to disclose than to withhold."
Arianrhod ferch Branwen o Glynnog Fawr, Herald of the Isles.
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mka J.A. McGowan
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